Dirt Hauling Masters



Dirt Hauling Masters

Hauling a dirt bike is often an obstacle for many if they do not have a pick-up truck or trailer. If this describes you, do not be concerned, I've a way around this. You'll be able to haul your dirt bike for cheaper and, usually, easier than the usual trailer or truck. A Dirt Bike Carrier may mount to the hitch of one's vehicle, even though it is a van or SUV. They're lightweight, not a worry to install, and give you much more room to pack gear and parts in the vehicle without having to pull a trailer.

As much as I like hauling my bikes using a three-rail motorcycle trailer, it can be a pain to maneuver it in and out of places, especially when it's tight and you've got to back up (not that I can't do it!). I'd just prefer a single hitch carrier on my van if I'm hauling one dirt bike to the track. By doing this I don't really have to stress about running over things or knifing a trailer. This is a great alternative if your kid goes racing and you don't want anyone to drive the trailer around.

But, generally if I have two bikes to haul, I can always get a Double Motorcycle Carrier. It isn't much heavier than the single since it is composed of light-weight aircraft aluminum. dirt hauling. dirt hauling. Provided that the vehicle and hitch can contain the extra weight, this carrier will haul two motocross bikes to the track! Rather than cramming a couple full-size dirt bikes in the bed of a truck, you can toss them behind it, saving you the time and hassle trying to fit everything in, as well as being able to shut the tail-gate completely without having your gear or parts slide out.

It is not only quicker to haul bikes using a hitch carrier, but it also will give you more room. Any time you haul the bikes using the hitch carrier on a van or SUV, then there's much space inside the vehicle to cart your gear and your friends! Even when you have the carrier on a truck, you're able to toss most of the equipment in the bed, so you have plenty of room in the cab.

So if you don't mind throwing your dirt bike(s) up on a rail behind your vehicle, a dirt bike carrier is an effective way to go, and is a lot less expensive than getting a truck or trailer. Good luck!

-Tom Stark